Imran Series Mazhar Kaleem

Prince of Dhamp Imran Series Novel by Mazhar Kaleem MA

Download Prince of Dhamp Imran Series Novel (Urdu: پرنس آف ڈھمپ) an amazing Imran Series novel by Mazhar Kaleem. Please note that you will have to have PDF Reader in order to read the novel after having it downloaded.
Prince of Dhamp Imran Series Novel by Mazhar Kaleem MA


Prince of Dhamp Imran Series Novel

Imran Series is one of the best-selling Urdu spy novels series created by Pakistani writer Mazhar Kaleem MA. Ali Imran is the pivotal character, a comical secret agent who controls the Secret Service as X-2 but appears to work as a normal member of the Secret Service. Except for a handful of people, no one knows his status being the chief of the Service.

Mazhar Kaleem still writes and enjoys enough following. He has introduced many new characters in the series. Most fan Mazhar Kaleem MA books, arguing that Kaleem distorted the original ‘feel’ of the series and that he deformed the key characteristics of many characters, including Ali Imran.

Nevertheless, his books have a significant readership. Though I like Ibn-e-Safi more than Mazhar Kaleem, I have been introduced to the amazing world of Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem’s novels. Indeed, both the novels have different taste.



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