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The Voice Myanmar Knockout Round Live On MRTV-4

The Voice Myanmar Season-2 Knockout Round Live on MRTV4, The Voice Myanmar for the Battle this week the last week because contestants are really jumping to. Knockout Round between the contestants before playing Game mutual breed, there is a Knockout Round profile. Happy to see the end of the small video light to a target audience barn


The Voice Myanmar Season-2
Sunday -9:00 PM
Saturday(Repeat) – 9:00 PM
The Voice Myanmar Knockout Round Live On MRTV-4

MRTV-4 Myanmar TV Channel Live Streaming MRTV-4 entertainment channel The MRTV-4 is a broadcast channel open 24 hours with the sole purpose of entertaining the public. Transmitted from Naypyidaw by the state Radio and Television of Myanmar (MRTV)

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